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He is able to befriend some including Faster, Play and you can Cain

He is able to befriend some including Faster, Play and you can Cain

Eiji try expert sufficient to be involved in pole vaulting; the guy used that it to pay off a solid brick wall and aware rules enforcement with the venue where the guy alongside Ash Lynx and you can Skip were grabbed. In the beginning, regardless if Eiji usually do not shoot and you may battle using any gun, he techniques and you can comes to have the ability to fire a tool.

Eiji normally relaxed certain unsafe people with their kindness and you can purity, particularly Ash for other group participants he’s notably less alongside.

Shunichi Ibe

After entering an effective slump due to a personal injury and therefore stopped their competitive rod-vaulting efforts, Ibe requires see and requires Eiji in addition to him to The united states due to the fact their assistant. The guy affectionately makes reference to your while the “Ei-Chan.” Ibe will act as Eiji’s guardian during The united states. Whenever Ibe basic fulfilled Eiji in the Travel Child Regarding Air, he believed that Eiji disliked him since the Eiji is actually always ‘glaring’ from the your but later figured out you to definitely Eiji is really near sighted and you can was not able to see Ibe clearly (their plans and impacting their rod vaulting). Shortly after Ibe got the latest prized photos out of Eiji, Eiji try considering a set of contacts.

Ash Lynx/Aslan Jade Callenreese

In addition to Shunichi Ibe, Eiji earliest suits Ash Lynx whenever interviewing your in the a club on the group lifetime. During their earliest find, Eiji asks to the touch Ash’s weapon. Ash, even in the event considered distrustful to the people along with don’t allow anyone touch their firearm ahead of you to second, allows Eiji to hang his firearm. That it 1st conference already lays the foundation for the number of believe it put in both after on the story and you can distinguishes just how Ash food Eiji compared with other people. Even with recognized one another to have a notably short time, Eiji versions an almost thread with Ash about perilous things both of them get embroiled into the. Ash handles Eiji if you can and also instructs him how to use a weapon. Eiji will get really influenced by Ash thanks to this. Later on, they are shown to provides close thoughts for each and every other, although they never truly work to them. From the manga, Play states that they are fused by the spirit for this reason definition it is actually soulmates (in the membership).

Eiji fulfilled Ignore in the a club where Ash carry out hang out. Eiji very first read out-of Ash never enabling somebody touch their weapon compliment of Disregard advising your of a narrative off an individual performed grab Ash’s weapon together with his finger’s blown from as a result. Eiji and you may Skip both had kidnapped and additionally Ash looking to conserve him or her. Regrettably, when you find yourself Eiji is actually out over score assistance from law enforcement, Forget about is attempt on the bust by Marvin and you may died. Immediately following Eiji heard the headlines the guy arrived at blame himself to own Skip’s dying but is reassured by Ash it was not their blame.

Quicker Wong

Eiji turned really best friends that have Faster regarding cartoon, and also first started dropping tears by the Banana Fish’s feeling for the his attention that renders him scared of Eiji. Quicker is additionally discovered to be very defensive out-of Eiji, especially after needing to hands Eiji off to Golzine.

Frederick Arthur

As being the rival of Ash Lynx, Arthur observes Eiji as a way to torture Ash. Eiji is first-seen by Arthur when he is actually kidnapped close to Skip. Arthur asks which he is before ordering Eiji to get try in advance of Ash surrenders his firearm to save your. Arthur relates to Eiji as the a weak point away from Ash’s immediately after the guy witnesses his conclusion up to him. Eiji is actually managed since “samurai boy” and you can referred to as a good kitten so you can Ash’s Lynx.