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Teeth Whitening

No two smiles are exactly alike in their shape or appearance. We generally think of teeth as being white, but tooth enamel has many subtle shades. Teeth may appear bright white, bluish gray or yellow-white and may look light or dingy.

Why do teeth get discoloured?

There are several reasons. Genetics play a role in tooth colour and how quickly tooth enamel discolours.

Some discolouration takes place naturally with age. Trauma to teeth, illness, medications, and exposure to certain foods, beverages and tobacco can cause discolouration.

The solution:

Tooth Whitening may help.  “Whitening” is any process that makes teeth look whiter.

Whitening products may be administered or dispensed by dentists or purchased over the counter.

They include

Whitening toothpastes – contain agents that work by physical and chemical action to help remove surface stains only.

Peroxide-containing bleaching – contain agents that change the natural tooth colour. These products contain peroxides that help remove deep stains and surface stains.

Home-use bleaching whiteners dispensed by dentists – generally contain 10% carbamide peroxide (the equivalent of about 3% hydrogen peroxide). This is the most commonly used active ingredient in dentist-dispensed home-use tooth bleaching products.

In office whitening – is done in the dental office. There are many professionally applied tooth whitening bleach products available to dentists. They are highly effective and the procedure can be completed within one hour. There can be tooth sensitivity and irritation of oral tissues that is temporary.

Maintaining the improved appearance of your teeth:

Whatever option you have chosen to improve the appearance of your teeth, it is important to remember the basics of good oral hygiene.

Brushing twice a day, flossing or using another interdental cleaner once a day, and regular dental visits and cleanings will help keep your teeth healthy and bright.

If you wish to have some advice as to which option is best for you for teeth whitening please don’t hesitate to contact Dr Rafia Mustafa for a consultation who would be happy to assist you in keeping your teeth white, clean and healthy.